Customer Oriented

Galleria Istanbul is customer-oriented while providing services. Knowing the customer profile well, understanding their needs, and constantly improving through feedback are essential to success. This way Galleria Istanbul renews and tailors relations with its suppliers and business partners in light of feedback from its customers.

Transparency and Integrity

Galleria Istanbul believes in transparent and honest communication with its customers, business partners, and suppliers in every step of the business ensuring that the demands and needs of customers are met with open communication, protecting the interests of all parties.

Employee Satisfaction

Galleria Istanbul is a big family with every member of it. With this perception in mind, employee satisfaction is one of the unquestionable values of the company. At Galleria Istanbul, the happiness, self-improvement, and well-being of employees are top priorities of the company.

Contribution to National Development

One of Galleria Istanbul’s ultimate goals is to have a hand in rapid the development of our country by bringing prestige through the import of world-famous automobile brands and international collaborations. Turkey's development has always been a driving motivator for Galleria Istanbul.

Open to Improvement

Being entirely aware of the fact that development depends on keeping up with customers and trends simultaneously, Galleria Istanbul follows the latest trends and developments in the market, makes use of the most of today's communication and tech opportunities, and cares deeply about all feedback from customers, business partners, and employees.


Galleria Istanbul builds sustainable relations with its global and local business partners for a green world. To achieve true sustainability, having ecological values and operating completely by international norms is essential for Galleria Istanbul.