Galleria Istanbul, was founded in 2019 by combining the words "Gallery" and "Istanbul" which are basically the profession, and the city. Set out to bring a modern take to the automobile tradition, Galleria Istanbul quickly became a brand.

Being the the only authorized distributor of Mansory in Turkey, Galleria Istanbul is a global importer for special models of world-famous brands and delivers them to customers at a fair price while providing excellent service, all thanks to a wide supply network.

Galleria Istanbul aims not only sells premium automobiles, but also to provides the perfect customer experience by offering the best options there quickly and optimally by using an international logistics network in the most effective way. Galleria Istanbul, become a national brand in a very short time in elite automobile scene of the country through constant innovation paying great attention to the developments in the world.

With its experience in the market, Galleria Istanbul offers used vehicles in pristine conditions, closely following market values and constantly expanding the service portfolio it offers to its customers without compromising quality.

Galleria Istanbul recently started selling luxury motorcycles and yachts, positioning itself, perfectly at the top of luxury vehicles market and promising high customer satisfaction.

Galleria Istanbul, provides excellent service to its customers by being ahead of the trends, making use of technological developments, establishing a unique brand in the high-end automotive market, and strengthening its position by paying great attention to customer feedback to improve both customer experience and business quality.